Why a House of Prayer?
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What and Why we do what we do at Decatur House of Prayer is found in Revelation 4 and 5.


We simply enter His throne room and worship Him. We become what we worship. We join in the 24/7-night and day worship that is going on right now in heaven.


“On earth as it is in heaven.”      Matthew 6:10


God’s prayer-Jesus’ witness and Holy Spirit’s joy- is that heaven would invade and meet this earth. Or simply put- we experience on earth what is happening in heaven.


At DHOP, we simply are ministering to God! In a church setting, we get ministered to! That is the major difference between a church and DHOP. We do the ministering with our instruments, voices, prayers and attendance. It is a pre-ordained appointment with God.


We take our place and casting our crowns, we cry “Holy, Holy, Holy” …Rev. 4.

Our crowns can be “our mindsets, schedules, selfish desires, our own will,

Facebook, Instagram, twitter, tv…whatever keeps us from sitting at the feet of Jesus.


A Mary of Bethany lifestyle is the parallel picture of the “why” at DHOP. We simply sit at the feet of Jesus and pour our “oil” upon His feet. In order to reach someone’s feet, you have to be sitting CLOSE to them.


Once again, “oil” can be parts of our lives or even better ALL OF OUR LIVES we give to God for His glory and purpose. On our knees we say yes, as Mary of Bethany did. Over and over, extravagantly pouring our “oil” upon our Jesus.


Thus, our worship is one dimensional-up! Reaching our arms up in surrender to Papa.


“On earth as it is in heaven.”      Matthew 6:10

What a House of Prayer?


Revelation 5:8 states: Bowls full- prayers of the saints


The third picture is interceding or praying for others. We cast our crowns down and lift our voices to JOIN Jesus interceding on our behalf. (see Hebrew 7:25). Yes, we join Him! And the absolute deal breaker is we cannot get it wrong. Because we join Him, praying His Father’s words, it is a win-win situation. By praying for our “brothers” we fulfill the 2nd greatest commandment, Love your brothers as yourself.”  Matthew 22:37-39


Please consider your role in the House of Prayer movement. Are you called to be part of the team; singer, prayer leader, musician, sound tech? Or are you called to be on the frontlines: gatekeeping, greeter, healing, interceding for others pains and struggles; or are you called to stand in agreement.  


Whatever your calling is , Decatur House of Prayer is here! We are a resource for YOUR life. A place to come and go, to experience the depth of heaven meeting earth WITH YOU IN THE MIDDLE!


Simply put: COME!

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