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Decatur House of Prayer Internship

DHOP Internship Training Outline

These are the core components of the DHOP Internship experience. Please read over and understand what you are committing to during this season of consecration. The internship is designed to provide an opportunity to encounter, equip, and empower you building a solid foundation for your calling. We tell all of our interns, "You will get out of it what you put into it."


  • Hours in the Prayer Room: You will study, meditate, worship, pray, listen to God, and put into practice other various spiritual disciplines you will be taught.

    • You are required to sign up for one two-hour watch that you will commit to serving on each week. 

  • Mentoring: All interns will be assigned a mentor for the internship.

  • Outreach: As a Christian, we want to further cultivate a servant’s heart through participating in events and community outreaches.


  • Equip Session: Learn directly from DHOP staff and guest speakers in a hands-on environment. 

  • Bible Study and Prayer Training: Bible Study helps build community and provides foundational relationships with others in the internship. Prayer training will help you grow in your understanding and practice of spiritual disciplines such as Intercession.

  • Operations: Take ownership of tasks and projects of your interest at the House of Prayer. Gain confidence in your leadership as topics are assigned to you.


  • Fasting and Physical Fitness: Pause, remove distractions, and grow closer to God as you engage in a time of fasting with the DHOP team. (more details in the application packet)

  • Journaling: We will share a journal entry for different requirements throughout the internship to celebrate what God is doing in our lives.

  • Life Challenges: Life postures and challenges are practical assignments intended to develop the different elements that make up the normal Christian walk. They will be given throughout the internship.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in the DHOP Internship

We are excited to welcome you into the Decatur House of Prayer's family.

We will contact you soon to set up an introductory meeting.

Please bring the DHOP Internship Application printed and completed on that day.

(You can also stop by to pick up an application)

We are here if you have any questions or concerns. We are excited for this next season in your life!


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