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"As we worship the Lord, we definitely grow closer to Him.  Spending time in His presence is how we become more like Him."


—  Michele Slunder, DHOP Worship Leader

Full Testimonies

Michele Slunder

DHOP Worship Leader

My name is Michele Sunder and I’m a worship leader here at DHOP.  I was called to be a worship leader at my church about 16 years ago, and I’ve been learning about worship ever since.  But, the call was just a formality, I was born to worship!  So was everybody!  Psalm 89:15 says, “Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they will walk in the light of your presence, Lord.”  As we worship the Lord, we definitely grow closer to Him.  Spending time in His presence is how we become more like Him. I’m not just talking about a couple of hours on Sunday morning, either.  Worship is a way of life!  And while we need community on Sunday mornings to stand together as a witness to the world, we also need quiet time each day of the week with Jesus.  Time with Him helps us with the game plan for that day or week or whatever.  Allowing Him to show us how to live is how we can be an example to our kids, our families and others around us.  The world makes so much noise, and it’s a fight to get alone with Jesus during the week. And if we’re not careful, Sunday comes back around before we know it.  What’s the answer?  Maybe it has to do with Philippians 3:20, where it says “we are citizens of heaven.”  We are not of this world!!  And, so we don’t have to live like we are.  We don’t have to feel guilty about slowing down our fast-paced lives, scheduling chunks of time just to sit at Jesus’ feet or making time to hang out with that one friend who inspires us in our faith.  What if there was a place where you could go 24/7 to pray, sing, worship, read scripture, journal, or just sit in the presence of God?  That sounds like a heavenly place to me!
But since we are still here on Earth {dramatic pause} Decatur House of Prayeris not quite at 24/7 worship.  We are open on Tuesdays and Thursday from Noon – 8 pm, with expanding hours as God continues to call his worship leaders, musicians and intercessors. Hope to see you soon at DHOP!!

Rachel Buyers 

DHOP Singer

I was first introduced to the idea of a House of Prayer in 2006 when a group of us went to the International House of Prayer (IHOP). Ever since then, I have been really interested in the idea of praise, worship, and intercession together. Even before the Decatur House of Prayer (DHOP) was opened, I would find myself singing prayers out to God. Worship songs yes, but also singing out my prayers. I actually remember when I was a small child singing to God my prayers. So this was pretty familiar just a little different. It was on stage and it wasn’t just me singing but other people as well. I sing on the Tuesday night intercession group. Over the years I’ve had to learn what it means to worship. Even though I do remember singing to God when I was a small child, it is still something that the world says not to do. I had to learn to make time and to commit my time. When I was asked to be on a team, I didn’t necessarily want to straight away. I could sing yes but I was really nervous about singing on stage. But they worked with me and got me to a place where I feel comfortable.  Now I can honestly say that I could play my own devotional set by myself because I also play guitar. I am still working my way to playing on a team with the guitar but it is a journey to say the least.  Sometimes when we step out, God sees the obedience and blesses it. I would encourage anyone that is reading this that may feel called to help out with DHOP to talk with someone that is involved. I’m open for conversation about anything involving DHOP and God in general. Sometimes it needs to be a yes and then letting God do the rest. 

Jon Robinson

DHOP Prayer Leader

I am a lawyer by day and a prayer leader at Decatur House of Prayer ("DHOP") on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. My wife and I have been involved in the development and evolution of DHOP since about 2009. As it has changed and grown over the years, we have changed and grown in our relationship with God and with each other. These relationships have strengthened. 
This same transformation has happened for others I know because of their dedication to regular prayer and worship. DHOP honors the Two Greatest Commandments to love and worship God first and to love others through praise and worship music and through constant prayers for others. 
Worship and prayers for others (intercessory prayer) is the hallmark of DHOP. It provides opportunities for all who participate to spend time in an environment dedicated to worship and prayer. As I write this, it occurs to me that most of us are so busy, even on Sundays at our churches, that worship and prayer are often not our focus. Then during the week, we fight our own battles without considering God or others. Time at DHOP is special time, and it can become a habit that will strengthen faith and increase out ability to fight the battles of life. I pray that more of our friends and neighbors come to the place where worship and prayer are always the main focus. The House of Prayer can become like a new home for a few hours each week; and there is no place quite like home! 

Nancy Cordray

DHOP Singer

I started coming to DHOP the year after I retired. My husband Larry had been a part of the Tuesday evening worship team for several years. I wanted to do another ministry with him and  visited a few times before I decided to start as a greeter. The people I met there were so nice and they sincerely loved what they were doing. I enjoyed being a greeter, telling people about DHOP, giving them a tour and introducing them to others.


I have always loved to sing and I told the Lord I would love to sing, but I would like to have voice lessons first. One day I told one of the ladies I would love to sing, but I didn't feel like I was very good. She told the director Kim Robinson and Kim encouraged me to sing and told me there were voice lessons available. How could I refuse? I believe God answered my request. He is an AWESOME God!


So it has now been about two years and I look forward to each Tuesday and walking into the presence of God and praising Him with song for two hours. It is indescribable. The words joyful, peaceful and refreshing come to mind. There is a synergy with the people on my team and God that is renewing to my soul each week. Coming here is a part of my life like getting up in the morning, it is a part of my journey with the Lord.

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