Burn for 



Q & A

Q. What is a 24 hour Burn?

A. A 24 hour Burn is 24 hours of continual worship & prayer. There are 12 two-hour sets in which each set has about 1 hour of prayer and about 1 hour of worship, each set has a different worship team, and each set moves seamlessly into the next set. 

Q. What constitutes a worship team?

A. A worship team can be as simple as 1 prayer leader and 1 worship leader (who plays an instrument) to a full worship band, with 3 singers and as many prayer leaders as you like. The set is a mixture of 1 hour of prayer and 1 hour of worship.

Q. How do I get involved?

A. Sign up below! 

Female Presenter


Change the atmosphere of our city at The Burn!

Lead in prayer during the worship sets.

We need people with a heart to see God's love invade Decatur and this region. As the prayer leader, you will help guide the room into His presence, through prayer over the prayer focus and scriptures provided and selected for the set.

All you need is a willing heart to see His Kingdom come! 

What are you waiting for?

YOUR prayers are powerful and needed!

When you sign up

we will contact you will times available and further information.

Guitar Playing


Release the sound of God's love into our city at The Burn!

Let the sounds of Heaven be heard.

We need musicians and singers who will use their gifts and talents to lift up a new sound. A sound that is the cry of our city. A sound that is a sweet aroma in the Throne Room. A sound that ushers in the spirit to move in this city and region.  We are a city hungry for more of God and longing to encounter Him. 

All you need is a stirring in your heart to release praise!

What are you waiting for?

YOUR heart song is needed to be heard!

When you sign up 

we will contact you will times available and further information.

What is Art sozo?

The Art Sozo Workshop is a group workshop where participants are led through a series of painting activities to help them encounter the Godhead. Each activity builds upon the last to provide an atmosphere of vulnerability and safety as part of the process is sharing the art pieces with the others in their table group. No art experience is necessary as this is encounter art and it is more about the process than the end product. During our workshops, we find many have deep breakthrough as the process of doing art bypasses logical defenses and can access areas needing healing that have not been touched before.

How long is it? 3 Hours

What is the cost? $20