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Communicating with God

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I am always interested in talking and listening to God. My trouble lies in making time to do just that! To set apart time away from my schedule and get onto His schedule. It is so very hard to say” Prayer is so much better than: ___________.

I want to do it but many times I have to push myself into the prayer closet or prayer room. Why can’t communicating with God be more fast, superfluous and modern day!

What are our means of our communication tools with others in the 21st century?

Texting, emailing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, phone calls, face to face, lastly snail mail.

Our culture has shifted methods of communication very rapidly in the last 100 years. Even the last 21 years, interpersonal communication has changed.

In 1876, Alexander Bell was credited with the invention of the telephone.

Through the years it has gradually been upgraded (an understatement) and refined to now being a handheld device, not requiring a cord to operate (except to charge it) and by all rights a minicomputer at your fingertips.

My sister and I shared a room all my adolescent years. I remember one Christmas, many years ago, my sister and I received a phone in our bedroom as our present.

The phone was hooked straight into a wall outlet in our bedroom. Previous to this acquisition, we had to stand in the kitchen and talk to friends with the whole family listening. So, this private phone in our bedroom was a real treasure. We did not, much to our annoyance, have a “teen” number, also popular in those days, because teen phone number cost extra money.

It was in that same house, roughly 25 years later, that I “got on” the internet for the first time. I was setting up my mom’s computer with AOL. It took me like two days and a bunch of trips to Radio Shack (I think) as Best Buy was not even around in those days. Thus, my email account was born, I was 39 years old, hence the kjac39.

Many years later, we now have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and various APPS to communicate with others!

I like to imagine what God Himself would say on Facebook- and how many likes or comments He would receive. Would we even “like” His comments? I know the DHOP Facebook page sometimes is the recipient of ugly comments. I can imagine all the blow back God would get.

Maybe He might post:

“I am love” (1 John 4:16)

“Sit with me today” (John 15:5)

“If you ask anything in my name, I will do it” (John 14:14)

“I love you without measure” (John 15:9)

I imagine the scripture when he says, “He will give us whatever we ask for” would get lots of comments asking Him for things.

We like our vending machine God.

Prayer and Surrender

Communication with God is as simple as a Facebook post. The bible is filled with so many words, thoughts, promises and applications-

Reading His words reveals His heart and His burning love FOR US!

Sitting with Him in that place of talking, communing and receiving His love and blessing should be our primary occupation.