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The forgotten gem

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

The bible talks about the pearl of great price” or the parable of "the pearl Merchant". This is found in Matthew 13:45. After searching for fine pearls, he found one of great value, and sold everything he had to buy that field and own the “greatest pearl” ever! And he did!

This reminds me of my love of prayer centered life!

A life that “searches” for the things of God. His voice, His face, His thoughts, His beautiful glory! HIM! Focusing ALL I am to find ALL of Him! What a great price!

He will cost you everything and yet give you everything!

If you’re still reading, even after the previous sentence, “cost you everything” I invite you to consider a life of prayer.

What is a life of prayer? Many try to define it, but few find it. How does a life of prayer look? Is it holy? Is it complicated? It is God and it is not complicated. It is holy but not in the sense of “holy roller”. Simply put, prayer is communication (simply talking) to and with God.

You can experience God everywhere and doing anything! He longs for you and is the most intimate person in your life. (Thanks, Jack Pitzer, for that nugget!) His best day is your best day! Your suffering is His suffering. His joy is your joy. It truly is as simple as that…in my humble opinion, it’s the world and religion that has led us astray in the place of prayer.

You see, tradition tells us that one hour on Sunday is all we need to be close to God. One hour in a community setting, all singing together and listening to the preacher.

I LOVE CHURCH! Please don’t get me wrong or mishear what I am offering up for your consideration. Traditional church every week is a vital component to a life filled with God. It just is not the only time or opportunity we have with God. “My one and done” is not all God desires for our lives. He desires a moment to moment relationship with us.

Imagine if you saw your spouse, kids, or family members only one hour per week. Your ability to grow together would be very limited. Add to the scenario the fact that fewer are going to church weekly. According to a 2018 survey, 28 % of American’s never attend a church or synagogue, compared to 22% who attend every week. That leaves a big chunk of people not responding or attending a “church” service one-time year, week or month.

There are many “fears” or obstacles that keep us from praying daily, and having a disciplined prayer life. Maybe you are thinking right now, “I do not know how to pray or what to pray or when to pray!” And another can be “He never answers my prayer, I just sit there and stare and don’t feel anything.

My desire is to offer to you a most excellent way to Him. This will not be a complete prayer guide, but a taste of seeking a life of prayer. You will have to decide on your own how your prayer life looks going forward. My prayer is you start! My prayer is you add on to what you already are doing! There are real obstacles for us as we cultivate a life of prayer. Let’s tackle some of them today, one by one.

Fear one: I don’t know what to pray or how or when.

If you’re just beginning a disciplined prayer life, start small. Take small bites so to speak.

When I started a daily prayer life, I started with 5 minutes per day. Be intentional with those first minutes. Set yourself up for success. Ditch your phone, have a journal or paper for journaling, bible, water, coffee. Take time away from distractions. Separate yourself from your “main room of activity” in your house or business place or school. I started in my car on the way to work. I would safely pull over by a lake and sit and gaze upon Him. Give Him all my anxieties (which were many!) and simply surrender for five minutes. Then I would continue on with my day. That practice started 16 years ago. Some days are longer now in the place of prayer. Somedays I pray all day, thru out my day. Some days it is 30 seconds of prayer. But I keep coming back to the place of encounter with Him. I do not let my defeat or wrong choices derail me completely. I repent before my King, push delete (thank you Mike Bickle for that reality) and move on.

Lately my prayer life has grown! Earlier this month we took a much-needed trip to the International House of Prayer KC. For me, going to IHOPKC is a return to the “mothership”. I feel like E.T. or Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I am at peace with sitting in the prayer room in KC and soaking up the Presence of Him. Totally focused on Him and His purposes for my life. Surrounded by people who long for His presence and worshipping Him in Spirit and truth. I highly recommend a trip to IHOPKC! I have been given grace by God to long for more of Him. When we were at KC, we stayed with a couple who opens their home to people who travel to IHOPKC. ON our first day, we dropped our suitcases at the house and headed to the prayer room. As we entered the front foyer to leave, we were met by the woman of the house. She began prophesying over each of us. At first, we had no idea what was happening because she was speaking so slowly and succinctly that it sounded like casual observations. After a couple of minutes, I caught on. This is God speaking to us through Djanira. Since theses prophecies I have been changed forever!