We have three types of sets that happen, they are; Devotional Set, Intercession Set, and Worship with the Word Set. During the Devotional Sets it is usually a smaller team, or just one person, who worships with no set times of prayer or reading the Word, though they may do that throughout the set. In an Intercession set we have set times of worship, prayer, and then a combination of both. During these Intercession sets we use the harp & bowl model of prayer and worship working together. Worship with the Word Sets are just what they sound! It is a time of worship and the Word of God being read and then sung out again. Tuesday 4pm - 6pm is a Worship with the Word Set and 6pm - 8pm is an Intercession Set. Thursday 5pm - 6pm is a Devotional Set, 6pm - 8pm is an Intercession Set, and 8pm - 10pm is a Devotional Set. Please feel free to come and sit in the prayer room or find out how you can be a part of DHOP!  


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